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Colorado State University Grant Will Take Cannabis Research Further Than It’s Ever Gone

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The dark ages of suppressed cannabis research is finally coming to an end. Pueblo County Commissioners designated a $270,000 grant towards Colorado State University-Pueblo’s medical cannabis research program. That makes CSU-Pueblo the first regional comprehensive university to conduct cannabis  research in the United States. This time around, science wins.

“This is a momentous day,” stated Pueblo County Commissioner Sal Pace.

The bulk of the grant, $220,000, will go toward medical cannabis research. This will entail the efficacy of cannabinoids on the brain, epilepsy tests, and hemp research. The remaining $50,000 will go toward a study of the economic and social impact of cannabis.

“I am incredibly excited to have real quantifiable data about how cannabis is affecting our community,” Pace added. “In the cannabis industry, I think the lowest rung of economic opportunity lies in the store fronts and retail sales. On the next rung is cultivation because it’s a job creator and it’s generating money for the community through exports and taxes. The third rung is the intellectual property that could come out of these studies. I see this type of bio-medical research as the top rung of economic opportunities that have ever been a reality for Pueblo.”

Cannabis’ ongoing status as Schedule 1 in the United States has forced American scientists to take their research elsewhere- such as Israel, where it is freely tolerated.

June 6, Governor John Hickenlooper signed Senate Bill 191. The bill appropriates an additional $900,000 from Colorado’s Marijuana Tax Cash Fund to be given to CSU-Pueblo. “This is very exciting. It was excellent that we received this money from the county because it will help leverage the funding from the state,” provost and Vice President of CSU Rick Kreminski said.

Those who wanted to see results from Colorado’s imposed excise tax, can now be satisfied. The money combined is enough to supply sophisticated equipment in the University’s future cannabis research Institute.

The research team plans on monitoring patients prone to seizure. “What we would be doing is acquiring certain particular wrist bands, to monitor the heart rate, electrophysiology…brain activity. We want to find out, are they having seizures?” said CSU-Pueblo Provost Rick Kreminski. Epilepsy is, of course, one of the most revered uses for medical cannabis.

The ultimate goal of the research team is to eventually come up with a breakthrough patent, which would bring “billions” to the school and community. The students will be able to participate in the research programs.

The research will include studies on the impact of the cannabis industry with energy and water levels. The curriculum will cover neuroscience and chemistry, but also the social sciences as well. The university also plans on holding a national cannabis conference with speakers on the subject of cannabis research. School officials hope to remove false apprehensions surrounding cannabis and hemp.

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