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Building a Sustainable Future: The Hempcrete Revolution

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Sustainability is not just a luxury aspect anymore. When building a home, office or any type of complex, you won’t ever have to hear that fatal line from your builder;

“This product is extremely sustainable but will blow your budget out of the water, but don’t worry you will break even in a decade”.

Hempcrete ticks all the theoretical boxes when it comes to building new homes, cancelling the stress of using multiple materials.

Hempcrete has the capabilities to perform as an excellent thermal insulator, while at the same time creating a natural defense-barrier stopping mould growth whilst bulwarking both the temperature and humidity.

Surprisingly, the benefits don’t cease there; looking at the main alternatives to hempcrete, the one overlying factor they all encapsulate is pollution. The marijuana plant has the ability to absorb a tremendous amount of CO2 from the atmosphere, replenishing the earth where it grows with enriched soul while counteracting the bi-products of industrialized materials.

“As government policy becomes increasingly concerned with reducing carbon emissions and finding more efficient ways of meeting carbon reduction targets… hempcrete can make a major contribution to this,” – a statement from hempcrete Australian PTY LTD, a company based around supporting the use of hemp as a biodegradable, renewable and sustainably friendly product ‘offering a genuinely zero-neutral solution to sustainable construction’.

If you’re about to build a home, why not plan for the generations to come, instead of relying on materials that abuse the environment while leaving the owner unsatisfied and with a huge electricity bill for heating/cooling their new project.

Unlike most housing products hempcrete is essentially fireproof; “It is free of toxins, impervious to mould and pests, virtually fireproof” say the New York Times.

Creating a new level of quality over current popular building materials, hempcrete already has all the stock standards plus more, for the price offsetting toxic greenhouse gasses.

There are people endorsing the hempcrete movement everywhere including individuals with reputations that they wouldn’t risk over bogus claims about a cannabis product.

Everyone’s favorite architect Kevin McCloud, the British presenter of ‘Grand Designs’ is one of the esteemed fighting for the increased use of Hemp as a sustainable building product of the future.

McCloud believes hempcrete can help solve the great British housing problem, which resonates with Australia’s current housing price bubble.

“… New houses are unimaginative, overpriced, and undersized”. McCloud stated as he publicly delved into the reasons for his new found appreciation of this building material and how superior hemp truly is.

Before summarizing his extensive argument about hemp construction, it should be understood that Kevin’s Company has already planted and cultivated hectares of hemp already incorporated in his housing schemes;

“I look at the range of materials out there and I cannot find one to match hemp. I can’t find one that has such a low environmental impact that can be grown locally and harvested with minimum input in a matter of just a few months. It’s an incredibly expedient building method… I cannot find a material, which does what hemp does. To me there is a tremendous excitement in the pioneering notion of using this material. It’s a no brainer!”

Based in Wollongong, Australia, Liam Armstrong is a Writer with a degree in Commerce.

Liam will be a regular writer for Cannabusiness, discussing the latest news in his native country..


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