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Licensed Producer Claims to have Highest CBD Strain on the Planet

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Charlotte’s Web changed the entire medical cannabis industry. Before Charlotte’s Web came around, breeders focused only on increasing THC levels. Breeders realized there was an entire market for non-psychoactive cannabis. A Minnesota licensed producer now holds the record for the strain with the highest CBD ratio 34 times higher than average.

Minnesota Medical Solutions, one of only two licensed cannabis producers in the state, recently announced the launch of a new strain called Katelyn Faith. Dr. Kyle Kingsley is CEO of Minnesota Medical Solutions. “This is likely the most CBD-rich strain in the world, though it’s difficult to know for sure because testing is not a rigorous and transparent as it should be,” Kingsley said. Currently MinnMeds and another producer called Leafline Labs are the only licensed producers in Minnesota.

CBD and THC are found, on average, at a rate of 1-to-1 in typical cannabis. Charlotte’s Web has a CBD/THC ratio of 20:1. The Katelyn Faith strain has a CBD/THC ratio of 34:1.

Katelyn Faith Pauling was an 8-year-old girl from Montevideo, Minnesota. Katelyn passed away from complications of Battens Disease less than four months before Minnesota’s medical cannabis law took effect. Katelyn’s family took it upon themselves to promote the only medicine that effectively eased Katelyn’s short life.

Katelyn’s story will not be forgotten, however. Her name will live on in a strain that will help other children with illnesses just like hers. “The big winner of all of this is the patients,” Kingsley said. “We named this special plant after a special little girl. “It would not have helped cure her disease, but it likely would have made a positive effect on her quality of life at the end.”

When the Stanley Brothers first encountered Charlotte’s Web, they aptly named it “Hippie’s Disappointment.” The disappointment vanished when they realized it could be used for medical purposes. Developers bred Katelyn Faith from thousands of seeds beginning ten months ago. No genetic modification was involve.

Many legislative efforts in the United States, in fact, were based off of stories about children like Charlotte Figi and Katelyn Faith.

Leafly now lists 45 CBD-rich variations, including well-known strains like Cannatonic, MediHaze, AC/DC, and more. Cannabis experts say that CBD is symbiotic and needs some THC to be effective. “One thing that I advocate to people when it comes to cannabis as medicine is whole plant medicine,” said Kowlasky. “You need the whole plant as medicine. People are focusing very much on CBD-only medicine in the States, with THC removed. In essence that’s just hemp paste.”

Others swear that seizures desist altogether after just days of treatment with CBD oil only.

Either way, CBD is receiving the attention it needs and deserves. Patients who use Katelyn Faith could slash medical costs for epileptics that take traditional useless medicines. Patients with intractable pain were added to the list and will be eligible August 1st. 2016.

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