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Edibles Hit Shelves for All Adults Over 21 in Oregon

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Edibles go on sale Thursday in Oregon for anyone over the age of 21. Oregon legalized cannabis for adults on October 1st 2016. Oregon’s recreational market has expanded to include edibles. Adults without any medical conditions can now purchase low-dose edibles.

“They say, drink responsibly,” William Simpson, CEO of Chalice Farms, told the Oregonian. “Eat responsibly – that should be the slogan for edibles. Start slow and take your time. Eat a little and wait a long time.”

Each of Simpson’s four stores, he hopes, will be stocked up with 1,200 packages of edibles in preparation for Thursday. Simpson pointed out how paranoid the commercial cannabis industry has gotten when it comes to edibles. “The first sip of alcohol you took, nobody told you to plug half the bottle,” he added. “Use sparingly, see what effect you get and go from there.” Recreational outlets don’t want to see inexperienced users overdoing it.

The Oregon Health Authority oversees Oregon’s recreational sector. Oregon’s complex edible laws allow may eventually cap THC limits at 5 milligrams per dose- half the limit of Colorado and Washington- but for now, the state puts the cap at 15 milligrams of THC. Almost any seasoned smoker consumes over 15 milligrams of THC- before breakfast- however, those without any experience could have a dramatically different outcome. Any edible can contain up to 10 servings of THC.

“Part of the reason we chose the 15-milligram limit for the temporary rules is that labs can’t test for that low of a concentration without it being very expensive and can’t even give a good confidence level that, that is what it actually contains,” Andre Ourso, manager of the state’s edible program, told the Portland Tribune. “In proposed permanent rules, the labs will test the 50 milligrams in the package but won’t be required to test each serving size.” Medical cannabis collectives, alternatively, regularly sell edibles with upwards of 100 or 200 milligrams of THC.

Oils and topicals also go on sale. A single dose of cannabis extract cannot contain more than 1000 milligrams of THC. Topicals may not contain more than 6 percent THC. The Temporary Oregon Administrative Rules go into effect the first day of sales. The temporary THC limits will end on December 31st 2016.

The Oregon Health Authority released several cautionary statements. “We are concerned about folks who are novice users,” Jonathan Modie, spokesman for the Oregon Health Authority, said.“We are concerned about calls into the poison center, not just children but adults.”

The Oregon Responsible Edibles Council launched a campaign to educate novices on how to consume edibles. They say to consume 5 milligrams the first time you eat an edible. Tolerance can make a night and day difference. The Oregon Health Authority will require processors to label edibles correctly with a decal with the image of a green cross. Child-resistant as well as teen-resistant(lockable) packaging is available for parents.

Consume responsibly.

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