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5 Businesses at the New York Cannabis Expo You Don’t Want to Miss

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The New York Cannabis World Congress Business Expo is just weeks away: The event where over 100 cannabusiness’s will be in attendance providing business owners and bystanders with cutting-edge solutions and insight in the prospected $6.7 billion dollar industry. Retailers, Investors, Advisors, and just about every position imaginable in the cannabis industry will gather under one roof and exchange ideas to move the industry forward, this is not an event to be missed.

…But with over 100 businesses in the attendance and a tight schedule, you may not get a chance to learn from and network with everybody. However, these are 5 cannabusiness’s that we think you should make an effort to check out!

5. Genius Extractions

As we delve deeper into legalizations, we are finding some states are hesitant to fully legalize cannabis. Some states with medical cannabis even prohibit smoking flower. That is why extracts play a vital role in the cannabis industry. Patients seeking medicine in states where flower is prohibited usually turn to capsules and oils to receive their medication.

Genius Extraction Technologies provides economical, state of the art equipment that utilizes cutting edge precision for complete chemical separation, resulting in the purest product possible. Utilizing their strong background in biochemistry, Genius Extractions strives to improve the options oil extractors have for creating their products, no matter what industry they produce in. Be sure to check out their new USA manufactured Built Class 1 Div 2 Explosion Proof Rotary Evaporators, Short Path Distillation Systems, Julabo Chillers, Reactors, and Shimadzu Analytical Equipment at the expo!

4. Marijuana Policy Project

If you are interested in playing a part in the litigation of the cannabis industry, you are going to want to check out the Marijuana Policy Project at the CWCBE.

The Marijuana Policy Project (MPP) has a mission to change federal cannabis law to allow states to determine their own marijuana policies without interference from the federal government. There are three separate branches within the MPP: the main branch that deals with lobbying and ballot initiatives (MPP), The tax-deductible educational branch (MPP Foundation), and a branch that donates to congressional candidates (MPP PAC)

If you are interested in changing the future of marijuana policy, you can find out how you can assist the MPP team(s) at the expo.

3. Gradujuana, now known as, Vangst talent

The cannabis industry is America’s fastest growing industry. With teams expanding equally as fast as the industry grows, employers have open positions they need to fill so their business’s can continue to thrive. But many people interested in entering the cannabis industry have no idea where to begin.

Gradujuana, connects college graduates looking to enter the industry with established companies in the cannabis industry looking for talented workers; now known as Vangst Talent, the company seeks to connect potential employees with employers and plug them into a career in the industry. Vangst talent can connect you with any job in the cannabis industry, ranging from desk jobs like accounting, to hands on work like cultivation and growing, Vangst talent can help you find a career in the cannabis industry!

2. Conviron

If you are looking to grow, cultivate, or manage projects for related jobs in the cannabis industry you are going to want to look into Conviron.

Together with Argus Controls, Conviron brings pharmaceutical-grade grow rooms that are customizable for each stage in cannabis production to the market. With over 50 years of experience in design, manufacture, and installation, Conviron works to maximize the quality of product from cannabis grows.


As a nation we are moving closer to legalization of marijuana. More and more states are on board for some sort of legalization whether it is recreational or medicinal. But before any type of legalization comes into effect, the opinion of the majority must be in favor of legalization.

The National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML)aims to shift public opinion sufficiently in order to achieve full legalization of marijuana in the United States. NORML represents the interest of the millions of responsible marijuana users in the United States who believe that the recreational and medicinal use of marijuana should not be a crime. NORML lobbies congress and state legislatures for more rational and cost effective marijuana policies.

If you are affected, know somebody affected, or care about the cannabis industry. You should want to take action and assist one of the main forces making a change in the future of cannabis to catalyze the result. You should consider stopping by the NORML booth at the Cannabis World Congress Business Expo and find out how you can play a part in the future of cannabis.

Do not ask what the cannabis industry can do for you; ask what you can do for the cannabis industry.

Patrick Thompson

Patrick Thompson is a freelance writer and the Co-Founder of OpenStrain. Patrick studies economics at Rutgers University as he pursues his ventures in the cannabis industry. He currently writes for CannaBusiness, HailMaryJane, OpenStrain, and Oogeewoogee.


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