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Stoner Sloth – The Ad Campaign Aiming to Smear Cannabis

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In light of the progressive movement towards legalizing cannabis for medical purposes, a smear campaign about cannabis use has now been released in Australia.

New South Wales Government has delved deep into the archives of the original ‘reefer madness’ advertising to create a new-aged spin on why marijuana should not become a recreationally monitored drug.

Unfortunately for them, the Internet was not the right place to unveil their new campaign #stonersloth. “Any publicity is good publicity” does not equate to targeting stoners and calling them sloths, with outdated notions of cannabis turning people into slow moving, unmotivated, anti-social and unintelligent members of society.

By publically belittling a large demographic of Australia with no anecdotal evidence to back up the claims, the NSW government have both angered and entertained the people they were trying to attack.

A likely reason for this smear campaign is political fear. With the large majority of citizens agreeing with the decriminalization of medical marijuana, the movement towards a regulated cannabis economy of Australia seems closer than originally thought possible.

Mike Baird a member of parliament of NSW has sarcastically ridiculed the idea behind this advert. Baird is a strong advocate for the medical use of marijuana, sparked by his tireless work fighting for the rights of Daniel Haslam and others suffering from life-threatening conditions. His response to the new advert was similar to that of its intended audience, “just saw the #stonersloth ads. Not sure where NSW Gov’s ad guys found Chewbacca’s siblings, but those videos are… quite something”.

Based in Wollongong, Australia, Liam Armstrong is a Writer with a degree in Commerce.

Liam will be a regular writer for Cannabusiness, discussing the latest news in his native country..


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