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In states where the medical or recreational uses of marijuana and cannabis derived products have either been legalized or the laws restricting use relaxed, there is a growing need for expert legal advice given the untested status of these new laws. We created the legal section of our financial services directory to highlight those practitioners who display the most competencies in their respective area of law.

With a wide chasm of confusion between the various local state and federal laws governing all manner of marijuana manufacturing and distribution, the legal profession finds itself wading into an ocean of opportunity given the propensity for local and state officials to milk as much money from marijuana as is conceivable or conscionable, whichever pays more.

Here you will find a host of legal services ranging from local, national, and global levels of interest. The firms and lawyers listed in this directory have developed practices that support the cannabis industry and are expertly adept at safeguarding and protecting your business or group from legal entanglements. See how much more secure you will feel about your cannabusinesses interests after consulting with the legal experts suited to solve your legal questions.