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Crypto Currencies

Taking both the banking and investment world though a whirlwind of change and possibilities, digital or crypto-currencies, so called because of the cryptography used to secure the blockchain, portends a future where currency is much more fluid and wealth is more widely distributed in the world. This directory is home to the foundational players in the world of digital currencies, colloquially named Bitcoin.

Here in this exciting section of our financial resources directory you will find the cutting edge businesses and technology providers who can steer your ship to the stars.

On the cutting edge of amazing, the possibilities of this transformative new technology are now making it possible for cannabusinesses to transact online and in the cloud safely securely and in most cases free of erosive fees and charges.

Potcoin and other new alternative currencies are paving the way for a very cool future where the possibilities of payment are endless. Crypto-currencies using blockchain technology portend a prosperous time for early adopters of this epic new invention in money. For the first time in the history of banking, we are free from the need for a central core of bankers keeping a unified ledger between them. We now have the 128-bit failsafe encryption of the blockchain making for a universal secure ledger that will take us all into the next century with pizazz.

With a growing adoption rate, the technology behind the blockchain can release the boundaries of your business and take you to markets you never imagined possible. See how your cannabusiness can quickly thrive in this new currency.