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Analysis Labs

With the legalization of prescription medical marijuana in twenty states in the US, there is a growing need for the proper classification and itemization of cannabis strains. Given the wide range of symptoms medical marijuana is able to cure, the medical community is driving the demand for clinical information that ensures that the efficacy can be reproduced effectively from one patient to the next.

Proof of consistent, safe product is essential to the success of medically oriented business, cannabis related products and services even more so. Here our directory brings your venture one click away from the world’s leading scientific analysis laboratories specialized in the medical cannabis trade.

In our analysis laboratory section of the cannabusiness directory we collect together the leaders of marijuana science and information. Here you will find a wealth of valuable biological information that can help your cannabusiness or group rise to the top of the class. Whether you are looking for a way to prove the efficacy of your product from trusted scientific sources or want to decipher the maze of strains and potencies available for the medical marijuana patient. These analysis labs have the ability to take real-world claims and turn them into scientifically irrefutable fact. A powerful arrow in the quiver of any service organization, facts can make or break the edifice of your organization. See what your organization can gain using our top tier analysis lab service providers.