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Policy Groups

We recognize that this cannabusiness directory owes its ample robust connections to the tremendous effort and hard work put in by the cannabis industries main champions, the legalization movement. Originating as early as the draconian anti-marijuana laws were first put into place by misguided politicians, the early marijuana legalization movements were literally on the front line of a vicious war fought by imperialistic power. These early champions of cannabis risked more than just reputation and we acknowledge that we are entitled to the global industry we find today directly because of the incredible work done in generations past.

There is no question that this is a hot area in the legal trade, and because it is mostly uncharted territory the industry still has a Wild West feel. This is both challenging and exciting because you are dealing with law that has not been tested and companies that have not been tracked.

Among the many issues lawyers working in the legalized cannabis industry face are the inevitable inconsistencies between state laws and federal law and that lawyers can represent certain cannabis clients without violating various state bar rules.

Today’s landscape has changed considerably from the pock marked warzone we have escaped from. Now the political climate is actually warm and fuzzy as politicians and lobby groups smell the sweet aroma of marijuana money coming into their districts. We created the legalization directory as a well-organized home to the world’s leading marijuana movements and legalization organizations. As we move from partial-prohibition to full normalization of the flowering marijuana plant in all consumer activities, these organizations play a critical role in defining the path the future of cannabusiness will follow. These organizations all have a unique and important role either on a global, national, or local level. See how your cannabusiness or organization can thrive from exposure to leading lobby and legal groups expressly designed to further your most pressing causes.