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Patient Resources

Along with the normalization of the marijuana flower comes an extensive and relentless flow of evidence of the amazing curative effect cannabis has on many human ailments and conditions. Heretofore it was heresy for a doctor to admit this, but it is fast becoming obvious that the various strains of marijuana, each with their own composition of THC and CBD, are much more efficacious than almost any pharmaceutical molecules that have been patented thus far in modern medicine. Thus it would behoove almost anyone in the medical community to develop patient groups with the express interest of the best care for their medical constituents. Now with more and more scientific data backing credulous claims of relief from such traumatic ailments as epilepsy, aids, or cancer, we see a definite need to codify and coordinate these very important organizations here on our cannabusiness directory.

Every patient deserves the best medical care available, and these groups are designed to protect this fundamental right. The directory of patient groups draws upon a global network of both physician and non-physician based organizations with the prurient interests of all patients at heart. See how your cannabusiness or group can deliver a valuable message to the right community of caregivers. Here you have a unique opportunity to define your outreach to those that want the message the most.