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On a more serious note, this just in from our news directory… Here we have constructed the most up to date directory of curate cannabusiness news and content. Here you will find listing detailing the finest news services covering the cannabis industry. Whether its political coverage or industry information, these news outlets in our news directory have got the story covered.

Long gone are days when consumers gather around the television to harvest their nightly news. Now people expect instant satisfaction and endless uninterrupted newsfeed with only the news topics they care for. Cannabusiness news outlets are ideal for broadcasting your message to an attuned audience pre-targeted for their reciprocal interest to your content.

Escaping the main stream media offers today’s cannabusiness the global connections available through our worldwide directory of news and information outlets.

Need to issue a press release or financial disclosure to keep your customers and suppliers alert? Maybe you have an exciting product announcement to broadcast. You can find the appropriate news outlet through this organized directory. See how your cannabusiness or organization’s messages can be announced to the world through our news directory.