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Industry Associations

With the sweeping change in the political climate surrounding cannabis cultivation and consumption for either medical or recreational purposes, there is a growing need for the concentric organization and planning for the aggrandizement of the entire cannabis industry. We created a directory page listing the top cannabis industry associations, ranging from cultivation to cannabis care in medicine. Here you will find the organizations that are making a real difference in our world and laying the foundation of a truly epic shift in consumerism, medicine, as well as ideology.

The industry association’s directory is so much more than a window into the political representation of the cannabis industry, these are the organizations responsible for creating the largest cannabis industries events bringing together people – business and opportunities that are lined up all over the world and in your backyard as well. Here you can take advantage of membership in the industry’s leading associations. With coordinated marketing and networking efforts designed to enhance and maximize exposure for its unique members. There is no better way to signify your place in the cannabis community than the finest cannabusiness associations and organizations you will find in this directory.

This directory was designed to help your cannabusiness navigate and explore the many expositions and events targeted to the markets that matter most to your business or organization. The industry association directory is developed specifically to further a growing agenda for cannabis related interests. See how your business or organization will flourish given the right industry affiliation and membership, and find new ways to enter flourishing markets. This directory was designed to help everyone involved in the cannabusiness trade looking for the right group to help them grow. The industry association portion of our directory makes it much easier to find a home for your cause by organizing and categorizing the various industry groups in one convenient location.