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No man is an island, and this is especially true in the cultivation of cannabis and medical marijuana. Given the severe restriction from under which marijuana horticultural related activities have had to operate under, it is easy to see the need for online quasi-anonymous forums and messaging boards. These forums are a home for serious marijuana aficionados who are part of a global network of interested parties. Typically these forums will host members with a specific interest or enlightenment from which they can further refine the conversation.

We included this section as an underserved and often overlooked tool in any cannabusiness plan. Here you will find a consortium of the best places on the net to see and be seen. These forums and message boards form the hidden underworld of the cannabusiness’ best assets, the consumers. In this electronic setting people can construct dialogue much like we do in the real world, except there are no physical borders to contend with. With supervised and managed forums comes a burgeoning opportunity to market your product or services with laser-like precision. These moderated forums are like un-cultivated gold mines ready for you to explore.

The directory page for forums lists the most popular and influential boards with the most professional curation. See how you can implement this extensive and expansive directory in the growth of your enterprise.