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Bloggers have taken over the internet and provide a source of news and information to much more concentrically organized audience or theme. The blogosphere allows consumers to network and interact with people all over the world who share common beliefs or values. This blogosphere is especially powerful in groups that are forced to congregate through this medium because of restrictive laws or ordinances in their own home locale. Thus, the blogs and vlogs associated with cannabis whether it is a legal forum, recreational theme or even medical communities, the value of these communities as you farm for your market.

The nod of approval from an influential blogger is as powerful an endorsement you can generate for your venture. Whether you are out to build a brand name in the consumer sphere or are trying to pass legislation in the activist sphere, the influence of the most popular blog writers is about the best advertising you can accomplish.

We created this segment of our resources directory as a showcase of the leading influencers on the web. Here you will find an opportunity to branch out and find resources which can bring your cannabusiness venture in touch with the digital markets of your dreams. The opportunity to project your brand to an audience that is both attentive and focused on your message is a sure-fire way to wow.