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Let’s face it, we all enjoy some R & R, and what better way to spend valuable vacation time than taking a trip to a cannabis utopia such as can be found in the legalized states of Colorado and Washington. In this Shangri la, where sour diesel drips dank and ‘where beautiful women instinctively flock like the salmon of Capistrano’ tourists of all stripes and backgrounds can take advantage of an ever growing menu of mind-numbing travel experiences.

Marijuana cultivation and horticulture have proven to be a beacon for cannabis lovers from around the world. Most will pay handsomely to get a peek at how their favourite flower is cultivated dried and cured before they get the little green bottle from their local dispensary.

As this sector of the travel industry expands with each state’s regulatory approval for medical and recreational marijuana, the diversity of activities will need special support agents who can facilitate the needs of this diverse group of travellers. Much like the cruising or the all-inclusive resorts industry, cannabis tourism is an ever evolving sector in the travel econosphere. We designed this directory to tap into the opportunities and profitable connections which will be made in this sphere. Here you have an opportunity to grow your cannabusiness through our cannabis tourism directory with a global scope and multi-national reach. See how high your business can climb on our foundational directory.