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Infused Products

Well on its way to carving out a major market segment in food and beverage sales, the manufacture packaging and delivery of consumable medicinal cannabis has made an indelible yet highly edible mark on this fast moving segment of the consumer market.

Marketers and producers alike are keenly aware of the incredible growth expected as these new products make their way towards becoming another staple item in America’s shopping cart. Driving this growth is the advancement and refinement of methods for extracting the active ingredients from the cannabis plant.

From the extracted oils and resin of the marijuana flower, production of consumable products can be added to or combined with a wide host of ingredients, ensuring that the variety of these products are limited only by the imagination of the manufacturer. Some of the more popular edible creations come in the form of beverages, chewable candies, cookies, cakes, savouries and many more items which are tailored to a wide array of consumer and retailer demand.

Noticeably different than smoking or vaporizing the marijuana flowers, edible marijuana addresses the need for a product that appeals to those reluctant or unable to inhale the smoke or vapour. They’ll find a ready market full of options for any palate.

The broader consumer reach that the consumable market for medical marijuana portends major profits to the players who get it right. The demand from adult users for a safe, reliable and novel source of consumable marijuana guarantees that this market will continue its out-sized growth and expansion into additional product spheres.

Here you will find our directory taps directly into the worldwide consumable marijuana marketplace offering your business a chance to gain much wider exposure and expand your business considerably. See how you can grow using our expansive directory of manufacturers, packagers, and suppliers of infused products.