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Everybody’s favourite shop is a headshop, where we can gawk and gaze at the latest greatest in cannabis equipment and paraphernalia, score seductive scents and sounds, even enhance our higher being with spiritual alignment. Whatever your particular want or desire the local headshop is making a splash in almost every town and city in America.

The convenience of seeing and touching adds volumes to the order experience making these venues the only realistic space with which to successfully profit from a retail experience. Somehow bongs and pipes are one of those products which we simply prefer to buy locally from a store versus through an online site or app. The textural and functional purpose as well as the steepening price tags of high quality bongs, pipes, vaporizers, and more makes it unlikely that a consumer would buy without seeing and feeling the real thing first.

More than just convenience stores for cannabis consumers, headshops often act like a hub for local artists and musicians to market their talents to a local market. Like any consumer retail establishment there is an art to display and choosing which items to stock. Knowing the right ingredients to get appetites whetted is the key to a highly profitable business.