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E-cig Vape Shops

E-cig and vape shops represent an interesting and lucrative crossover industry between the cannabis, hemp and e-cig industries. A rapidly growing and already huge global market exists for these portable electronic devices.

Vaporizing has fundamentally revolutionised the smoking industry through technological innovations which do much to address the health and social issues associated with smoking. This is evident by the sheer number of devices and inputs available and in development; every possible consumer need has been covered. Vaporizers and of all shape, size and price and inputs ranging from an endless choice of e-cig flavours and strengths to cannabis oil cartridges containing differing cannabinoid profiles, even incorporating low THC (widely legal) high CBD hemp oil, are hitting the market.

The favourable legal status of these online and physical outlets gift them a key position in the retail sector for this range of products and can provide a valuable outlet for the emerging CBD vape market. Furthermore, such shops engage a broad mainstream consumer type, thus providing a highly effective route to market for niche crossover products such as dry herb and oil vaporizers, CBD vape products and accessories. They also offer a solid foundation from which to increase the reach and recognition of your brand.

Retail outlets engage a broad, mainstream market sector and thereby provide an effective route to market for crossover niche products such as cannabis vapes, CBD hemp vapes. A solid foundation to increase the reach and recognition of your brand. Use our directory to identify the best outlets for your product.