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All of the insane anecdotal evidence which had hampered the highly logical and wholly ethical repeal of pot prohibition is thankfully being tossed by the wayside now. More communities across America and the world are rebelling against decades of blatant and patent lies and deception used to fuel and unnecessary war on a flowering plant.

Many states have already cleared citizens for their rightful consumption of marijuana and in those places the consumerism and camaraderie is extraordinary in that the huge growth potential for new markets and industries to form is endless. A true wild west of capitalism and a lot of fun for those who get it right. Consumers of marijuana are a most select and interesting market segment in that it is the one grouping which is least understood from a marketing perspective. In most cases the marijuana consumers will already have a pre-conceived notion of good and bad, right and wrong guiding purchase decisions. Product and service providers who can isolate and plug into the right segment with the right stuff are set to own the most prime foundational real estate in the modern marijuana metropolis. Building and maintain these brands will bring enormous profit potential to many participants and even larger sums for the best. Here, this directory is designed as a guide to all ganja related businesses and services catering to all recreational marijuana participants. A quick easy connection to the world and beyond your imaginations limits. A chance to grow with the growth of the marijuana movement and propel your business into the new and expanding normal.