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Whether it is a compact portable or a table top version with connections for a party of five, vaporizers have taken off in both popularity and acceptance as an advanced consumer electronic device. Tremendously beneficial to those unable or unwilling to subject their throat and lungs to harsh acrid smoke and tar, both portable and stationary vaporizer devices provide a steady reliable aerosol of cannabinoids without the impurities associated with smoking.

As early generational cannabis smokers age the unpleasant side-effects of strenuous coughing and the deleterious residue left behind, not to mention the effect of being drenched in a smoker’s aroma, will lead to great numbers of consumers turning to the safety and convenience of vaping. We created this portion of the directory to cater to businesses that will gain enormous traction in marketing and sales by expanding beyond your nearest borders and fulfilling the needs of vaporizer businesses from around the world.