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There are currently ten pharmaceutical molecules that are either cannabis derived or based on cannabis properties in neurological receptors. Of these ten only three are currently approved for patient use, which considering the very low percentage of any classification of drugs that actually receive approval after clinical trials, is a qualified indicator of the efficacy of the underlying substance, marijuana.

Major breakthroughs in cannabis related medicines could pave the way for a revolution in the way molecules are manufactured and the efficacy upon which they are based. When it comes to the production of medically beneficial molecules, pharmaceutical companies are still in search of the proper balance of the two major elements which make this medicine work so well, THC and CBD.

In particular, there are three companies which have made the greatest strides in the manufacture of an effectual and reliable molecule derived in and of the cannabis plant structure. The largest, has already received approval for patient use in Great Britain, where the drug Sativex® has recently been moved from a class I narcotic to a more benign class IV designation with less restrictive prescription rules for doctors. The company is currently running the final Phase III clinical study which is the last step before and FDA decision would make this the first cannabis based prescription medicine available in the United States.

Another is developing a synthesized cannabidiol molecule that is a form of the compound identical in chemical structure to naturally-occurring CBD. Because it is not derived from marijuana, it is free of THC and other cannabinoid impurities, ensuring a consistent and controlled dosage with little or no potential for abuse.

An early stage bio-pharmaceutical company out of Colorado Springs, Colorado develops, produces, and commercializes phytocannabinoid-based pharmaceutical products. Their medicines are used to treat autism, blood pressure, cancer, and cancer side effects, as well as other illnesses, including general health maintenance. In addition to the considerable scientific advancements researchers are attempting to unveil, the company website provides an online video-based medical cannabis education system comprising various courses, such as medical cannabis law, medical marijuana, cooking, horticulture, and bud tending.

Our directory for pharmaceutical companies and the businesses that support this industry are categorized here for your businesses aggrandizement. Here you will find vast resources and connections that will put your cannabusiness on the road to success.