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Cannabidiol has proven to be a wondrous medicine with far reaching effects on many debilitating ailments. The efficacy of this marvellous molecule is sanctified by the lack of almost any negative side-effects which are the hallmark of most pharmaceutically engineered compounds.

One of the key components of cannabis, CBD is widely known as an antigen to disorders causing depression. Doctors and scientists are now scrambling to explore the full potential and possibilities for this powerful health aid that is responsible for the quantifiable relief that many patients are actively seeking.

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a psychotomimetic element of cannabis with incredible psychiatric potential. CBD is also known to negate some of the negative effects of THC such as paranoia and drowsiness, which is why some strains of medical cannabis are sought out more than other THC rich strains.

Created by the Stanley Brothers of Colorado, the Charlotte’s web strain of medical cannabis has acted as a catalyst for a movement to legalize the marijuana plant based on readily identifiable scientific evidence as to the efficacy of consuming CBD rich cannabis in reducing or eliminating epileptic spasms, especially in very young patients who cannot tolerate the psychotropic effect most anti-convulsive drugs will have on their developing bodies and minds.

This miraculous strain is named after Charlotte Figi, a young girl who went from 300 seizures a week to just a few with daily doses of a CBD tincture. The life-saving effect that CBD has had for this young woman is an inspiration and pathway to healing for countless patients suffering the same debilitating disease.

Isolating and procuring the CBD molecule for the explicit medical benefits it offers on a wide range of symptoms is at the heart of medical marijuana research and the colossal sums being invested for this is testament to the enormous market potential inherent to this miraculous cure from nature. Pushing into main stream pharmacology, there are several companies vying for this market space in hopes of establishing a new age in medicine though this organically obtained and readily available molecule.

Because of the undeniable health benefits high CBD strains of cannabis or hemp which possess very little THC are more apt to be considered legal in many global jurisdictions, thereby giving this time-tested medicinal herb a huge head-start on the road to riches.

With different districts of every country allowing low THC high CBD marijuana and hemp based products more freely, the market for this wondrous and sometimes miraculous cure-all is a global endeavour with major potential.

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