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Med Lounges

Much like the arrival and proliferation of bars and lounges immediately after the repeal of prohibition ushered in a new age where consuming alcoholic beverages with other like-minded adults became a national pastime, so too are the same congenial forces acting to necessitate lounges and social facilities where patients who use medical marijuana may go to congregate with other like-minded adults in pursuit of an environment suited to their needs.

Whereas the legalization of medical marijuana is a fast growing movement sweeping the nation, the logistical reality of where and how to imbibe medical marijuana is lagging due to restrictive zoning and ordinance laws. Some think that this is a carryover of ill-conceived sentiments backed by seventy years of propaganda against this flower.

Albeit slowly, the tremendous need for socially accepted medical cannabis parlours is growing exponentially alongside the acceptance of the beneficial uses of medical marijuana in the health. Whereas a majority of those polled in areas where marijuana lounges may legally operate approve most favourably with medical marijuana patients.

Given the tremendous popularity of this plant as both a medical messiah as well as a recreational nirvana, the growing needs within the medical marijuana lounges is rife with potential growth and profits for the businesses which successfully cater to this category and solidify the permanence of their brand in this burgeoning retail space. We constructed this directory as a portal into an industry sector with outsized remittance to commerce. Here you will find the resources and connections which will allow your business to thrive in this fast growing econosphere.