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A recent poll conducted by the vaunted New England Journal of Medicine shows that a vast majority, nearly eighty percent of all doctors in the poll, approve the use of marijuana for medical therapies. An astonishingly large majority given that this particular medicine has been outlawed and vilified for longer than any doctor polled has been practising medicine.

The overriding consensus for doctors entering this nascent field of medicine is that they have witnessed the beneficial therapeutic results of the cannabis plant on their patients and espouse this therapy for other patients similarly afflicted.

Different than pharmacological medicines which are heavily promoted and paid for by large publicly owned pharmaceutical giants, marijuana is an organic plant which receives no outside economic support from any group, thus the decision to prescribe marijuana for patients is a benefit only to the patient and very little consideration is given to the doctor or the organization which they work with.

The laws which have heretofore restricted doctors from choosing this therapy for patients have adumbrative effects on the practice of medicine in that the most effective medicines were overlooked simply because a governmental authority said so. This patently wrong-headed approach to medicine through legislative bodies has severely hampered any logical evidence from being widely seen. Now with the advent of just a miniscule amount of research in the efficacy of the CBD and THC molecules, researchers are able to scientifically quantify the healing powers of this amazing plant, and the widespread results are turning more physicians in favour of prescribing marijuana over related pharmaceuticals based on the overall efficacy and reduction in harm to their patients from the potential side-effects of these medicines.

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