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With the rapid expansion of states legalizing the medical use and distribution of marijuana in the past four years, the number of businesses established to safely and legally deliver this medicine door-to-door has seen exponential growth from just 877 services to now over 2600 medical marijuana home delivery services. This innovation owes this growth largely to the difficulties around local ordinance and zoning laws restrictive of where dispensaries can be located within the city limits. Delivery services side-step this problem and avoid a plethora of other problems encountered by store-front dispensaries. The opportunity to increase profits while decreasing losses and liabilities is a win-win many marijuana entrepreneurs are easily attracted to. This is why we constructed this directory, as a simple and effective tool entrepreneurs and established businesses alike can reach out and tune in to this quickly booming marketplace. The purpose of this directory is to enable businesses the opportunity to connect directly with the most beneficial user of their products or services.

Utilizing the latest in technological improvements, it is now possible to scale operations precisely to the fit of your business and scope of your plan. This instant scalability is what makes for a more competitive and lucrative market for all participants, and moreover is what drove us to create this connected marketplace where disparate forces can come together to make new synergies.