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Sitting in between the granite-hard bedrock of financial regulation and the $9 billion dollar industry to be unleashed by regulatory reforms, one of the more crucial aspects the advancement and normalization of marijuana as a medically superior product is in actually getting the medicine to the patient.

In twenty three states plus Washington D.C. that have enacted state-wide approval of medical marijuana usage the organic growth of collectives or co-ops is filling this void created by the vacuum of conflicting rules and regulations formed by the conflicting rules and regulations.

According to the Wall Street Journal there are between 3,000 – 4,000 of these dispensary facilities in the US and the revenue generated in these locations is estimated to be north of one billion dollars per year. With such staggering growth prospects and the enormous gap between revenue and payment options due to federal banking bans in all marijuana financial transactions, the opportunity for innovation and collaboration which supersedes these hindrances is an enormous industry many are attempting to tap into.

Immersing your group or business into this burgeoning marketplace is a crucial step in defining and maintaining market share in a fast moving business segment. We purposely designed this directory with the organizational needs specific to business and groups serving the medical marijuana community. The directory’s purpose is to foster more ties and connections within dispensaries and throughout the supply chain. The value in obtaining expanded connections and possibilities for any business is a worthwhile investment and we attempt to exponentially grow that value for those who use our business services directory.