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In the two decades since California’s monumental passing of Proposition 215 in 1996 and Senate Bill 420, which effectively ushered in a new age of marijuana as medicine, twenty three states have enacted similar legislation repealing the proscription on cannabis as a medically useful substance.

This patient led revolution in medicine is rapidly gaining momentum, which is fuelled by incontrovertible proof of the efficacy of marijuana for many of the most painfully debilitating ailments. In that the ingestion of marijuana or the cannabinoid extracts derived thereof, supplants such a wide variety of pharmaceutically manufactured compounds, it is of no great wonder that this industry faces such large and powerful headwinds. Were it not for the miraculous ability of this wondrous flower, there is no question that this resistance would not exist.

Meeting the demands and exceeding the expectations of the medical marijuana community requires openness, connectivity and cooperation. Considering the nebulous maze of contradiction between the State and Federal laws governing the actual dispensation and consumption of cannabinoid products whether for medical or recreational use, the rapid growth in size and increase in volume of our voice is testament to the outright potential of this budding medicinal movement.

Truly a grass roots growth construction, the development and curation of the medicinal marijuana movement, ensures doctors and their patients a safer more reliable environment from which to focus on healing. With the blossoming of these foundational relationships, producers marketers and distributors form congruent networks which are purpose built around the communities they serve. This symbiotic relationship fosters more natural and holistic bonds which act to strengthen the fabric of medical marijuana movement to be even more resilient and durable.

Bridging out to new markets and cultivating new connections is the aim of this directory. Within this section of our directory, medical practitioners and producers will find a wealth of information and resources to help their organization thrive.