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Long lost as the world’s number one cash crop, incredibly versatile with all parts of the plant used in manufacture and production of clothing, rope, food, medicines, construction materials, and more, hemp is making a strong comeback competing for market-share in both consumer and industrial sectors. The benefits of the naturally growing hemp plant far outstrip commercial crops using heavy chemical fertilization and pesticides; especially for the diverse use this amazing flowering plant offers the planet.

The vast agricultural allotment to the hemp plant which was big crop staple of many agrarian farmers has made a big comeback in the past three decades. Now this business industry has solidified its importance and usefulness no different than the cotton or wool industries. Moreover, the many magnificent properties inherent in the hemp plant add even more sheen to the industry as it is the most ecologically and environmentally sound textile ever grown. This distinction has really caught the modern consumer’s attention and provides a strong foundation for the industry at large. As the cannabis industry steadily grows alongside that of the Hemp business, more normalized views of cannabis will lead to a more accepting market for Hemp products. The market for Hemp products has seen steady growth for many years, yet the trend is about to curve upwards quickly. Our directory provides an amazing arena where the variegated manufacturers, suppliers, and supporters in the Hemp industry can make new and valuable connections.