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Ventilation and odor control are a major safety concern and the regulations surrounding this area are firm. Whether you operate in 100 or 1,000,000 square feet, this directory highlights those companies which can get the job done right.

With state regulations tightening around environmental concerns the need to keep cannabis cultivation as a nuisance free neighbour is pronounced. The producers of this bountiful, yet odoriferous crop are ever in need of the right equipment to keep compliant and safe. As the restrictions in this area increase the opportunity for innovation and ingenuity rises dramatically.

Operations requiring sophisticated lighting and cooling elements are on the rise and with this comes a much greater need to control the exhaust emissions generated from the production of cannabis. Filling this niche, manufacturers and service providers have been quick to innovate to the scale of the new industrial productions. This increase in products and competition has made the significance of brand and quality recognition higher than ever.

Our directory is geared to bring the right products and services to the right markets and to gain maximum exposure for the business internationally. Here is an opportunity to expand your footprint and bring forth the products and services which are in constant demand in the cannabis cultivation market.