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Grow Mediums

Cannabis cultivation techniques give today’s growers more options in how to curate cannabis crops. Both soil based and hydroponic growing mediums allow cultivation and production on scales never before accomplished. The science of soil and nutrients has advanced tremendously, making this an exciting and fast changing business sector. Compiling and constructing the right supplies in this fragmented marketplace is a constant challenge, making our directory of suppliers a critical and time-saving step in the production of plentiful crops.

Today cannabis cultivators have many choices available to custom tailor specific needs of their particular growing operation. As the choices for these materials grow cannabis farmers will benefit with an improvement in their products quality as well as the saving in time made possible with these products.

Hydroponics and the art of soil-less horticulture had been around at least since the Babylonians created the hanging gardens which they are memorialized for. The science of water agriculture was dormant for over a millennium until the scientist Jean van Helmont in the seventeenth century discovered through his “Willow Tree Experiment” that plants receive nutrients through water. Today cannabis growers using a hydroponic growing system can chooses between many types of substrates such as coco coir, rockwool, perlite, clay pellets, vermiculite, or some combination of these materials.

Cannabis cultivators of all stripes will be well served by this comprehensive compendium of the most advanced nutrient rooting and delivery substrates available anywhere in the world.