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Grow Lights

Nothing shines quite as bright as the sun, yet the updated technologies in indoor cannabis cultivation lighting are giving our star a run for the money. Whether you are novice grower looking for a simple solution like compact fluorescent or regular fluorescent bulbs, or an industrial sized growing operation looking for the latest Metal Halide or High Pressure Sodium lights which produce the largest yields, or maybe you are a techno-geek or cannabis connoisseur who loves the latest technology like LED indoor cannabis cultivation lights and are looking for more trichromes, terpenoids, and THC. In this category, purveyors of lighting for the indoor cannabis cultivation industry will find a world of growers looking for your all of your bright products.

Lighting manufacturers are keen to focus their competitive strength by adapting to this fast growing industry. Major market participants are always on the lookout for cutting edge technology and even more so for horticultural advantages in the growing cycle. Lighting industry participants will find the latest and greatest products and services here and can take advantage of this bright spot in our directory.