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Cannabis cultivation is a rapidly growing industry benefiting substantially from a normalization of restrictive laws and prohibitions. Expand the reach of your supply or service business by broadcasting your product to the global cultivation marketplace.

Passion, perfection and profit drives a horticultural revolution in cannabis production, whose rapid growth requires a constant balance between the right mediums, warmth, lights, water and nutrients; cannabis cultivation benefits from a burgeoning field of services and organizations, innovative technologies, and good old fashioned ingenuity and cost cutting. In this directory, cannabis cultivation businesses gain valuable exposure to the global supply and demand chain in cannabis cultivation.

First relaxed in a few European countries, the cultivation of cannabis has grown into a truly global trade with the expansion into the American markets. With competition, cannabis cultivators are now finding it necessary to become innovative in order to maintain their market share.

With this relaxation of prohibition laws, especially in the US, cultivation and procurement of the marijuana plant for both medicinal and recreational purposes is basking in the sunlight so to speak. With this freedom comes a large room to grow as the preponderance of marijuana cultivation, historically done indoors, is now finding free pastures within which to flourish. This transfer from small indoor commercial operations into large scale outdoor cannabis farms is opening up new avenues for innovation and improvement. The competitive edge will go to those businesses which capitalize on the newest technologies and fortify their operations with agricultural expertise.

Here you will find a compendium of business operations which are thriving and in need of many types of ancillary services and speciality products. This high growth arena is in the beginnings of expansion and is forecast to continue growing commensurate with the repeal of anti-cannabis laws in America and the rest of the world as well.