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WeatherPort Shelter Systems

WeatherPort Shelter Systems, a Colorado company since 1968, is the premier manufacturer of high quality greenhouses and grow tents for commercial and medical cannabis production. Our high quality fabric grow tents provide an expandable and high tech cultivation facility to create an optimal growing environment and growing space capable of accommodating all stages of cannabis production. WeatherPort’s greenhouses and grow tents combine the portability and durability of tensioned fabric membrane structures Our systems can be made using high strength steel or aluminum framing systems. One of our goals since the company’s inception has been to provide cost savings over the life of every commercial operation. WeatherPort offers both high efficiency and high yield growing solutions.
Our cannabis nurseries have been proven to reduce overhead costs, by as much as 50% compared to indoor growing operations. Our greenhouse buildings are engineered to meet specific building codes and provide peace of mind to growers who operate year round. WeatherPort fabric protects hemp and cannabis from harmful ultraviolet rays. Commercial and residential grow houses can be made with translucent fabric, blackout fabric or the combination of both technologies. We also offer other high tech greenhouse systems such as automated blackout systems, ventilation, dehumidification, hydroponic, aeroponic and aquaponic grow systems, grow lights, security and surveillance systems. We also offer partitions, our proprietary insulation and heating/cooling (HVAC) systems that integrate seamlessly into our grow tent and greenhouse buildings to maximize flexibility of design.
WeatherPort greenhouses and grow tents are available in a wide range of sizes including: 8×13 Greenhouses, 10×15 Greenhouses, 17×20 Greenhouses, 24×60 Grow Tents and 30×100 Grow Tents. Need a custom size growing system? No problem. Our engineers can design a complete greenhouse or grow tent up to 150 wide and to any length. Contact us today at (970) 399-5909 to discuss your cannabis growing needs.

Address & Contact

Our Address: 1860 1600 Road
Delta, CO 81416
United States

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