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ShopMarijuana is an elite curated source of the best cannabis and cannabis supplies you can buy. This is not your corner dispensary, this is for the discerning refined customer.

How it works is easy. We source the finest cannabis from the best Northern California growers, along with apparel, art, extractors and everything else from around the globe to fit your lifestyle. From books and DVDs to games and skateboards, from our artisan growers, to our gifted glassblowers, you can be confident that everything on Shop Marijuana has been tested, vetted and conforms to the high standard you expect.

We also offer premium options, where you can bid on one of a kind items that are handcrafted and have been meticulously sourced. The finest weed and accessories you can find, available to you and no one else. We offer access to the finest cannabis and accessories in the world in one easy place. Our cannabis is artisan cultivated, not grown in a factory.

ShopMarijuana isn’t just another website to buy weed. Its a place where discerning buyers meet the top notch growers of Northern California and soon, the world. Buyers and sellers can sign up today. It’s simple, hassle-free and free.

Let ShopMarijuana become your one and only trusted source for the finest cannabis in the world. All it takes is one simple step…

Register now!

There are no commitments, no hassles and no fees. Just easy access to what you want, when you want it and products you will never find at a generic dispensary.

Sign up today and experience the difference with ShopMarijuana.


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Telephone: 707 - 739 - 6019
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