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Green Cross Evaluations

Welcome to Green Cross Evaluations a top rated MMJ Evaluation clinic in San Diego. Here at GCE you will always see a Real Medical Doctor licensed in the State of California.

So you ask, how do I get a MMJ Recommendation?
The process is simple.

Step-1 — Walk in or call for an appointment to arrange a convenient time for you to see one of our knowledgeable physicians.

Step-2 — You will fill out a few simple forms describing your medical complaint, and answer a few questions. One of our expert physicians will conduct a medical evaluation to assess your medical condition.

(You can be assured your visit will be discreet, respectful, and 100% confidential. We are HIPPA compliant, and all online patient verification information is encrypted for your protection)

Step-3 — Once the Doctor has spoken with you and evaluated your complaint (and you are approved) the Doctor will hand write a detailed evaluation for inclusion in your medical records.

Your recommendation will then be signed by the physician stating that you have been evaluated and approved in our clinic for a medical condition.

With this recommendation you will be permitted to grow, purchase and transport medical marijuana in quantities pursuant to California legal guidelines. (An outline of these and other guidelines will be given to you before you leave)

We will also include your approval in our secure encrypted patient verification data base (SafeAccessMD) which can be accessed 24/7/365 via phone or internet by authorities wishing to verify your legal status.

What Do I Bring?
A valid driver’s license, CA photo ID, passport, or other valid form of identification, show proof you live in California. This can be rental/lease Agreement, utility bill, phone bill, Car registration etc. This document Must have your name and address.

Have access to a list of medications you are taking, including dosages and directions. Any reports or diagnosis from your primary care physician if you have one.

At GCE you are not only just obtaining a legal MMJ recommendation, you can be assured that you will be 100% compliant with CA law when you leave our clinic.


Please BEWARE of Electronic or Ink Stamped Doctor Signatures, (VideoCam or Skype Evaluations) these signatures are not valid with the County HHS, (for MMJ County ID Card call 619-692-5550) Law Enforcement or the Courts.
Your Physician Statement (Recommendation) MUST be signed in PERSON by a physician in ink.

Address & Contact

Our Address: 4009 Park Blvd
Suite 12
United States
Telephone: 619-779-8024

Hours of Operation

Monday 11AM-5:30PM
Tuesday 11AM-5:30PM
Wednesday 11AM-5:30PM
Thursday 11AM-5:30PM
Friday 11AM-5:30PM
Saturday closed
Sunday closed Large Rectangle
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