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CannaBANK’s mission is to help create a sustainable economy, which in turn helps create a sustainable planet offering health and economic freedom through education, awareness and sustainable investments. CannaBANK specializes in capital allocation thru mergers and acquisitions in several core industries. These industries include Real Estate, Clean Energy, Banking and Finance, Agriculture, Medical and Logistics specifically within the industrial and medicinal hemp industry.

Our team is comprised of some of the most successful private equity, buyout and venture capital innovators in the United States. Every entity making up CannaBANK’s structure has a clearly defined purpose as each relates to individual markets, consumers, and our partner needs. By utilizing CannaBANK’s vast array of networks, the company is able to provide unparalleled agility and flexibility. With our growing experience and corporate structure, we have been able to succeed in a struggling economy by capitalizing our subsidiaries and partners, and expanding our international network.

While CannaBANK is open to new opportunities from all segments of our global economy, the company specifically acquires and invests in the following industries: clean energy and power, health care, financial services and banking, real estate, technology, media and manufacturing in the sustainable market.

CannaBANK’s motto is “Leave no stone unturned” which is the approach our company takes with every opportunity. CannaBANK believes that in emerging industries all opportunities must be explored in-depth. The executive team has over two centuries of combined experience within its core investment disciplines. CannaBANK believes that an entity must start with motivated people in the right positions who operate with integrity while maintaining their entrepreneurial spirit.

In this global economy where communication is dependent on the exchange of information, the media through advances in technology can determine a market’s future outlook. CannaBANK’s ability to uncover, examine and implement information is what truly sets us apart.

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