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Best Point of Banking

Best Point of Banking can offer merchant accounts to legal medical marijuana dispensaries in the United States. We have a solution for both brick and mortar dispensaries and delivery services.
With our Point of Banking solution, 100 percent of our Medical Marijuana Merchant accounts are approved within 2 business days from the time we receive your merchant application. Accepting credit cards, check cards, and ATM cards is crucial in today’s business environment no matter what type of business you operate. At Best Point of Banking we feel that we have found the best and most reliable credit card processing solution for this industry. Historically, the medical marijuana business has been primarily a cash-based business. Legal dispensaries though out the United States have found it difficult to establish a merchant account. In most cases they find that they are paying a very high discount rate in excess of 5% to be able to accept credit and debit cards.

Point of Banking System is designed to work with your patient’s PIN based Credit, Debit, and ATM Cards. Giving them access to their cash and allowing them to spend more inside your dispensary. Point of Banking equipment is similar to standard credit card processing equipment. The difference is the terminal is loaded with a custom software program that runs the transactions on ATM Networks. This also allows us to charge a small convenience fee that the cardholder pays. This fee serves to pay for the processing costs incurred, that way there are no processing fees to the merchant!

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