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About Us

Our Mission aims to establish itself at the forefront of the global cannabis and hemp industries. Our mission is to provide a comprehensive resource to facilitate communication, knowledge, trade and access to essential services across all sectors of the medical, recreational and hemp markets.


Our Philosophy

We believe the impact that a healthy, legitimised industry has cannot be overstated; the positive implications of which have already become clear from both a business perspective and that of the wider community. A regulated market demands a safe and transparent environment for the production and sale of cannabis, in addition to generating significant tax revenue and employment, which would otherwise remain confined to the black market. We recognise the vital importance of positioning the cannabis and hemp industries alongside mainstream business and strive to provide the necessary tools to enable this.


Our Objectives was founded by a group of colleagues who have been operating in the industry for a combined 30 years. This first hand knowledge and experience grants us an acute awareness of the complexity and scope of challenges facing those entering this market, as well as those already established.

Laws and regulations, often conflicting, underpin the majority of the challenges facing this industry and whilst its current growth rate is unprecedented, it has given rise to a plethora of well documented problems, simply not encountered by other sectors.

We realise it is paramount that, in order to thrive, this industry must adapt and evolve to overcome such obstacles. We’ve created an innovative marketing and information platform designed to break down such barriers, enabling your business or organisation to expand and prosper.

Our ambition is not only to connect and inform the current global cannabis and hemp marketplace, but also to promote its fantastic potential to mainstream sectors. Profound opportunities exist for businesses willing to form partnerships with this legitimate industry, particularly as the stigma surrounding cannabis and hemp rapidly dissipates and laws advance. A key focus of ours lies in forming connections between those currently operating in this industry and the essential ancillary services which are integral to sustaining any healthy business. services have been created to meet the demands of businesses, organisations and professionals engaged in the cannabis and hemp industries. Our unique features and marketing channels provide a basis from which to build your client base, drive sales and remain informed of the latest developments, helping both you and the wider industry to achieve their goals.

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